• We’ve been described as Mad Scientists for hire, We develop non-standard solutions for non-standard problems, Gamma Science is a broad ranging multidisciplinary consultancy, delivering creative solutions to problems at the interface of Science and Business.
  • We are an old fashioned family business working at the cutting edge of new technology. Colin, Paul and Roger Gammans specialise in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Product Design, Chemistry, Experimental Physics, Industrial & Product Design Engineering and Mechatronics.
  • With three very different minds contributing in a creative synergy there are not many technical problems that they can not solve between them. From basic research to end product development, from computing networks and bespoke systems to electronic gizmos, Gamma Science can provide an end to end solution.
  • With a proven history of providing innovative solutions to knotty technical problems, for companies like Spray Chrome Solutions Ltd, Stonell Ltd, and the BBC, Gamma Science could be the creative technical edge your business is looking for.

For More Details : Call one of the Mad Scientists on 03333 44 5921

The more difficult your problem the better we like it!