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About Us

Gamma Science is a broad based scientific consultancy located in Kent, UK

As a multidisciplinary consultancy, we develop non-standard solutions for non-standard problems, delivering creative solutions to problems at the interface of Science and Business, with experience in developing bespoke solutions for to our customers across multiple industries.

While working at the cutting edge of new technology, Gamma retains the values and personal service of a family business.  

Established in 2010, Gamma Science’s main business is in collaborating with clients to build bespoke data analytics systems and intuitive user interfaces to meet their clients evolving needs in  fast paced industry, making use of multiple visualisation techniques, and using a broad range of Open Source Development Tools, such as Django, Angular.io, MySQL etc. We have developed architectures both for securing real-time communication in the IOT space, and for high performance on-demand web-analytics.

Our team of highly qualified engineers have a unique mixture of skills to bring to bear on your project, with experience ranging from software and hardware design for micro controller and PC based systems, using a wide range of programming tools and operating systems, mechanical engineering design skills, exceptional skills in creating intuitive human machine interfaces and skills in pure physics and chemistry.   

We have experience in multiple programming languages such as Perl, Python and C/C++.  We also have experience using cloud based Natural Language processing tools to do bulk analysis of online reviews and in using 3rd party API tools for integration of systems.

In the mechanical area we are familiar with both AutoCAD and SolidWorks CAD systems.,

In addition to our wide ranging design skills Gamma Science has it's own small scale electronic prototyping facilities and well established links to mechanical engineering companies specialising both precision and heavy mechanical prototyping.

Gamma Science works best in a collaborative approach to an organisation, using consultation to design optimised solutions.