Manufacturing is Coming Home! - So what has this got to do with Software Development you ask yourselves?

Management Information is key here. With retailers getting closer and closer to the season, long lead-time stock can be commercial suicide. And as markets change in response to social changes accelerated by the pandemic, firms that can pivot rapidly will have the competitive advantage.

"It's really simple; I've got it in a spreadsheet." - Why the Head of the Geekforce Hates Spreadsheets.

Whatever Excel is, a data analysis engine it is not! The reasons far too many people try and treat it as one, are because it is cheap, easily available, and most of us can figure out how to use it up to a point, either intuitively or after a day or so of easily available training.

A Glitch in the Matrix - Su and Roger take a light hearted look at why your Code doesn't always work as you expect.

So, how do you prevent your shiny new system from eventually becoming a Legacy System that no-one understands?

So What is it you DO? - Never tell a casual aquaintance you work in IT! Ask me how I know!

This took a while, with frequent interruptions, to translate the Alphabet Soup, but at least I can now answer the questions of random dinner table companions in Plain English without getting a detailed and frankly embarrassing history of "Malware I have Known".

Are You Solving the Right Problem? - Why a simple Off-the-Shelf Solution is not always your best bet.

It's easy to go online and order a new THING, whether it's some Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software or a new piece of equipment. Sadly, too many companies selling these kinds of systems Systems are like the proverbial man with a hammer, to whom every problem looks like a nail

What App? Where? - Su and Roger look at Track and Trace, and Exposure Notification Apps (there's a difference) a couple of months on.

It's not often my superstitious intuition trumps the Head of the Geekforce's rational brain, but on this occasion, it turns out that Tinfoil Millinery IS this season's hot new look. I made him a nice cup of tea, and asked him, sweetly, what went wrong? Now he's a Software Developer, and one of the things Software Developers get used to is occasionally being wrong. Recognising when you are wrong and fixing it before you dig yourself too big a hole is a desirable trait in a Software Developer! So, let's look at why!

Don't Forget to FLOSS! - A Guide to Free, Libre, and Open Source Software for the Non-Technical Manager!

More than any other domain, web development is dominated by open source components. This no-nonsense guide explains the subtle differences between the different types of licences available, and how to get advice!

Bugs - Learn to make Geek-friendly Bug Reports, and get on with your day!

OK, you might WANT sympathy, or a shared giggle, or someone to wave a magic wand or whisk us back in time to the halcyon days of "the Old system", but what you NEED is a system that works, as quickly. and with as little stress all around, as possible!

Would You Like Chips With That? - What Could YOU do with NFC and RFID Tags?

The Head of the Geekforce has been playing with NFC and RFID tags recently. RFID is an older technology, tends to be one way, and can work from up to a couple of feet away, while the newer, NFC chips have a range of a few centimeters, but can establish two-way communication, and this is what he is getting excited about!

Will You Use The App? - Spyware or Healthcare? The Geek decides!

I asked the Head of the Geekforce, "Will you use the Government's new Contact Tracing App, and should I take off my Tinfoil Hat?" Let's take a walk through the debate!

Covid 19 Graphs - The Head of the Geekforce has been mucking about with data!

The mass media tends to present the "Graph of the day" compiled from different data sources, so you are not getting a consistent picture over time. I'm an engineer, and I wanted to understand what was happening! I got fed up not being able to see a consistent picture from the published graphs. I had the tools, so I did it!

To Zoom, or not to Zoom?

By now, you have probably heard the news that the popular Video-Conferencing App, Zoom, has fallen victim to some security vulnerabilities, and if, like me, you have been Zooming here there and everywhere, you are wondering if it is still safe to use?The COVID-19 crisis has revealed these vulnerabilities because more and more people are using video-conferencing, and other electronic ways of staying in touch, than ever before, and just like learning to wash our hands properly, we may all need to up our internet-hygiene game too!

So What IS Innovation? - And Where Can I Get Some?

Take a look around the Web. In almost any field you will find companies calling themselves innovative, and the data analytics and machine learning sectors are no different! Surely they can't all be innovative?

COVID-19 - Business Resilience, and Agile Development seemed like the perfect time to do some digging and to start thinking about what the COVID-19 Pandemic will mean for all our business lives. and what companies can do to take back a wee bit of control.

Software as a Solution Development - Making Your Idea a Reality.

So, you've got this great idea! You know your market and it’s needs, but you need technical help in making it a reality! You may thoroughly understand your market, and have thought through your project at least a bit but lack the software development skills to make it a reality, so you will need to employ someone to do that part. How do you go about finding the right partner to help build your idea?

In-house, or in the Cloud

For small providers selling their services through software, sometimes known as SaaS (Software as a Service ) the options can be confusing. We recently came across this dilemma with one of our regular small business clients.

A Walk around the farm

It's a blistering hot day at Gamma Science, and getting our heads around such sticky issues for the Blog as "How secure is the Internet of Things (IoT) anyway" or even "Could someone hack our hypothetical hot-tub?" just somehow isn't cutting it.